Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Long Weekly Reader

I've been a illustrator for a long time. In the past  years it's been really sad watching print publications close down one after another.
I was sad to hear this news about Weekly Reader. For many years Weekly Reader has been a good regular client of mine. I've worked with some really great art directors and became friends as well. Best of luck to those who are moving on.
You can read the article from here. http://nyti.ms/NQFm00
Here is one of the many fun illustrations I did for Weekly Reader. I'll post some more when I can.


  1. That is sad to hear, Mike. I remember when I was in kindergarten and my teacher said "tomorrow you will be getting a weekly surprise." I was so excited when I got home to tell my Mother that "tomorrow we will be getting a wiggly surprise". Much to my chagrin there was no snake waiting for me the next day, but there was the Weekly Reader!

  2. Weekly Reader was a kids treasure. It's really sad what has happened to the print world.