Friday, August 3, 2012

Slightly Stange..and thank you!

A BIG thanks to everyone who showed up to "Slightly Strange last night. What a really nice turnout! A great night of family, friends ,neighbors, art directors,editors,agents,art lovers and folks just passing by. Art was sold,books were bought and friendships were made. A night I'm sure Dan,Michael,Jim and myself will always remember. If you could not join us last night Jim,Michael and I will be at the Powerhouse Arena Sunday Aug 5th from 4-5 doing a kids illustration event. The show will also be up for the whole month of August. Again many thanks for a very cool night.

Michael Slack

Dan Krall

Wednesday Kirwan

Jim Paillot

Mike Moran
Slightly Strange crew

and in the end...


  1. wow...looks like a great show! except for those four goofy looking guys. what were they there for? anyway, would have loved to see the show in person. mazel tov! -d.helton

  2. Goofy guys is right. That's how we got the name for the show Slightly Strange. I'll bring a few panels to PA for you to see.

  3. Wish I could have been there, Mike! Yes, bring panels for viewing...we'll pick your brain while we are there (are we zombies?)-lyn

  4. Zombies? Now I know why I like you and David!