Monday, June 13, 2011

Rivers,Roads & Rails

Over the weekend I spotted  in Barnes and Noble the latest game illustrations I did for Rivers,Roads & Rails from Ravensburger.
The original RR&R illustration was based on Europe with old styled trains,cars and buildings.
I was asked to modernize it and make it for the US market.
Rivers,Roads & Rails is a card game linking one card to a center card and creating your own network.
It was a bit of a challenge.  I had to work on a grid and make sure each and every river,road & rail matched perfectly to be cut into cards.
Well, I pick up a copy and now I need to find a little time to try it out....


  1. Nice art, Mike. Looks like a brain teaser, too.

  2. Thanks Jim. I need to crack open the game and give it a try!